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3SIXT JetPak - 2200 mAh
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3SIXT JetPak - 2200 mAh
ITEM CODE: 3S-0223
Need a quick top-up or in desperate need of rescue from a dead smartphone battery? The slim profile and rubberised 3SIXT JetPak 2200mAh is your go-to portable power solution when you?re juice is about to run out. Simply plug in your device?s charging cable in JetPaks?s USB port then into your device and power up. Now you?re back in charge!
1 x full phone charge | Portable, compact power | 1A single USB
While charging the JetPak: Each light represents 25% of energy filling up in the JetPak. You know when JetPak is full when the last light flashes and you have charged JetPak for the recommended time.

While charging your device: As you charge your device, each light flashes and turns off as your device fills up.